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Stories from the stacks: Poetry in the Stacks

    Today’s submission comes to us from Erin Lorandos. Erin runs a website that shares a different kind of storytelling: poetry, specifically poetry that is all about libraries. Erin shared with us the story behind her website, Poetry in the Stacks:   I actually am very interested in the interactions between patrons and staff, […]

Stories from the stacks: Surprise Letter

The first few weeks working of my new job working in a school library were a bit of a whirl wind, it was the end of the semester and things were winding down. But after the end of term I spent an afternoon cleaning out my desk from the previous tenant and going through old […]

Stories from the Stacks: A 10am Closure?

Today’s post comes from one of our community members Adetoun Oyelude in Nigeria. Thank you for sharing Adetoun: Last year, I lived in a location very far away from work and therefore needed to get up very early in the day, leave home at 6 am to be able to get to work by 8am. […]

Stories from the stacks: tablets aren’t all the same

While I have a background in medical libraries, the incident below happened while I was working at an accounting library. One fine day I was on the reference desk at the library of an accounting professional association. The phone rang, I answered it in the usual way, and was asked by what sounded like an […]

Stories from the stacks: a fly-in, fly-out meeting

Today’s post comes to us from ILN Program Coordinator Kate Byrne:  Some years ago now, I was a fairly new librarian who had been assigned to outreach to the engineering faculty at my university. My mission was to attempt to build new relationships between the library and the research community by meeting within individual researchers […]

Stories from the stacks: Screwy Decimal

Screwy Decimal is a blog from New York blogger Rita Meade. Rita shares many funny stories of the happenings in her public library. Earlier this year she shared the story of a very unexpected event – a library haunting!   It all started with a tweet: But the story didn’t stop there – these were […]

Stories from the stacks: Swiss Army Librarian

The Swiss Army Librarian is Brian Herzog, a reference librarian from a public library in the United States. On his blog, he shares stories from his reference desk encounters as well as other library related posts.  As anyone who has spent time on a reference desk is aware – librarians get asked all kinds of […]