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Libraries Nova Scotia Research Support Group

Our country ambassador from Canada, Cate Carlyle shares the story of a new professional research group: The “Libraries Nova Scotia Research Support Group” is one of the first of its kind in Canada. The group formed in June of this year following a public talk on research and academic librarians at the stunning new Halifax […]

Personal Branding: How to be a Mighty Morphing Brand Power Ranger

Today’s guest post is by the Mighty Unicorn Power Ranger aka Kim Tairi, University Librarian at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. Kim tweets as @kimtairi You are in control of the most important brand of all – yourself. Many people don’t like to think of themselves as a brand. They are also reluctant to self-promote, network and […]

Personal Branding: Me, Myself and I (and lots of hats)

In my professional career I wear lots of different hats. First, there’s my “day job” as the Manager of Research Reporting at UNSW Library. In this role, I manage  the system UNSW uses to collect information about all of the publications produced by UNSW researchers. I support open access at UNSW and explore emerging research support tools such […]

Discussion Topic: Personal Branding

Managing your professional identity in the 21st century is a complex task, how you are perceived as a professional is influenced by so many things. Everything you do: the way you act in meetings, the way you write, the way you dress and every tiny thing you do online can all influence how your actions are interpreted by […]

Guest Post: Lora Worden on attending library (and other) conferences

Today’s guest post comes from Lora Worden from Portland, Oregon in the USA:  There are countless reasons to attend library conferences: invaluable networking opportunities, gathering new program ideas, meeting the authors we love, enhancing our collections, and scoring swag. Attending conferences as a student can be especially beneficial, providing an exciting introduction to the field. […]

Librarian as Teacher: CILIP Information Literacy Group

Want to learn more about Information Literacy but not sure where to start? The CILIP Information Literacy Group runs a website that is an incredibly rich resource on the topic. The Information Literacy website explores how Information Literacy connects with a range of sectors, including health, education and special libraries. It also has a blog […]

Discussion topic: What I wish I’d learned in library school (or: What’s the story with LIS Education?)

What I wish I’d learned in library school. Is there a topic closer to librarians’ hearts? However, it’s not unique to librarians – ask any professional in any job from journalism to veterinary science and you will find most have something to say about the value of on-the-job learning over theoretical training. The way you become […]