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Libraries and social media: A question and answer session

Are you or your organisation new to social media? Have a look at this video from The Librarian Way with tips and strategies for managing social media, particularly in school or public libraries.

Libraries and social media: a Pinterest roundup

    In the search for bits and pieces about Libraries and Social Media for this week’s discussion topic, I came across this very nice use of Pinterest – a social media tool in itself. This board has been pinned with lots of examples of the way libraries are using social media and is worth a […]

Discussion topic: Libraries and social media

Social media can be considered as part of just about every other discussion topic we have ever had here at the ILN. For example, we’ve talked here about censorship. Consider the way social media has allowed us to see and hear stories we might otherwise have not been able to, if we were relying on traditional […]

Discussion topic: Library spaces we love

For our next discussion topic we’re putting the spotlight on library spaces and design. Often as librarians,  the spaces we work in shape and define not only our library collections but also the services we can offer and even the community we get to engage with. From very old libraries to the very newest and […]

Monthly discussion part 2: what now?

Welcome to part two of our February discussion topic. As we mentioned in part one, this is the final month of round 1 of the ILN. We asked you to focus your discussions on reflecting what you’ve learnt by participating in the program; now we want you to think about what your next steps are. […]

2014 Library Resolutions: Karen du Toit

Karen du Toit, from Johannesburg, South Africa.  Today’s post was originally posted over at Karen’s blog, Karen’s mobile 23 things.   The International Librarians Network suggested a New Year’s resolution as point of discussion for the ILN network partners in the monthly discussions. 1. What is one new thing you want to start doing in 2014? I […]

Monthly Discussion: 2014 Library New Years Resolutions

For January 2014 the ILN discussion topic is all about ‘Library New Years Resolutions’ and we aim to feature a vast array of mini blog posts on the topic. The questions are based on a ‘traffic light model’, green for go, yellow for change and red for stop. This is based on the concept that it’s […]