Category Round 2

#BlogJune: Info-mational

  Info-mational librarian, author, speaker Char Booth writes ‘on technology, media literacy, and librarians’ in this blog. While she is a librarian at a college library her posts tend to be very broad and incredibly engaging. This post about public speaking is a must read for anyone, from the most seasoned presenter to a first […]

#BlogJune: Apophenia

  Apophenia – All I can say about this blog has already been said by the author. Perhaps because I have teenagers of my own, I find danah boyd’s focus on things that matter to young people refreshing and an important contribution to any dialogue about social media. She says: “My name is danah boyd and I’m […]

#BlogJune: Hugh Rundle

  Hugh Rundle Hugh is a public librarian in Australia, and always writes about library issues and philosophy in an intelligent and thoughtful way. He’s big on actively engaging with all aspects of our profession, something that should be encouraged. He writes elsewhere as well (In the Library with the Lead Pipe, for example) but […]

#BlogJune: Information wants to be free

  Information wants to be free is the blog from Meredith Farkas, the General Education Instruction Coordinator at Portland State University. Meredith also teaches courses on social media in libraries at San Jose State University’s School of Library and Information Science. In her blog, Meredith writes about library technology, connecting with students, professional development, and […]

Discussion topic: reflection and review

Congratulations! Our current program participants have reached the end of this round of  the program. We hope that over the last four months you’ve learned something new about another part of the world, and about another part of library land. We hope that  you were able to share experiences and ideas with your ILN partner. […]

#BlogJune: Alyson in Libraryland

  Alyson in Libraryland is the professional blog of Australian librarian, Alyson Dalby. This blog primarily is used by Alyson to write about her experiences as a member of the board of directors for ALIA (the Australian Library and Information Association). This blog provides an insider’s look at what it is like to be on […]

#BlogJune: Forgotten bookmarks

  Forgotten bookmarks -Not so much a library blog but an interesting one for sure. Michael Popek, the author of this blog, is a rare bookseller and posts about the ‘personal, funny, heartbreaking and weird things’ he finds in the books that he buys for his shop. It really is amazing the things people leave […]