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New website for the ILN

We are excited to announce that we will be transitioning to our brand new website very soon. We ask for your patience as we transfer across and we hope the experience is seamless for all of you. If you have subscribed to our current WordPress blog, we encourage you to consider subscribing to our new […]

ILN announces partnership with ALA’s International Relations Round Table

We’re very pleased to announce a formal partnership between the ILN and the American Library Association’s International Relations Round Table (IRRT). IRRT have been supporting the ILN informally for some time, by helping get the word out about our program and by welcoming ILN Director Alyson Dalby to speak at the IRRT International Papers Program at […]

Join our team: ILN volunteer positions are now available

Love the ILN? Want to contribute to the library and information profession? Then join our team! The International Librarians Network is run by a dedicated team of volunteers from around the globe. Our volunteers donate not only their time but their valuable expertise to ensure the ILN remains a global leader in international peer-mentoring. Without […]

Visualising digital collections

How do we represent our digital collections? Traditional print collections are easy enough to display creatively and in a way that encourages discovery over search if you have the room.  There are also many suppliers of cool shelving and funky display alternatives if you have the budget for it. Displaying (and making discoverable) digital collections is […]

Commuting around the world

As our new round of ILN partnerships get underway, we have been asking participants to share stories and pictures from their regular trip between home and place of work or study. Here’s a round up of commuting stories from around the world that we’ve put together here at ILN Central: In Copenhagen, Denmark, around 50% of […]

A peek behind the curtain

As our ILN community is aware, we recently closed applications for the next round of our peer mentoring program. There’s a period of two to three weeks between closing applications and sending out emails introducing participants to their new partner. This is an incredibly busy period for us, and it’s what I’m doing as I write this. The […]

Share your LIS education stories with us

We’re busy behind the scenes here at the ILN getting ready to launch the next round of the program in a week’s time. Coming up during the next round will be a discussion topic on Library and Information Science (LIS) education and we’d really love to hear stories from some current students or very recent […]