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Postcard: Learning garden @ CUHK

Today’s postcard is from Leo F.H. Ma, the ILN’s Country Ambassador for Hong Kong, China. Learning Garden is a hotspot for the students of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)! This 2,000 sq. m. Learning Garden is an inspiring and welcoming place for students to: Study under the sun and under water as a glass […]

Reflection and review: Round 2015B comes to an end

We have now come to the end of Round 2015B of the International Librarians Network peer mentoring program. We hope you have all enjoyed it as much as we have. We’ve already received so much wonderful feedback from our participants about the connections and opportunities they have created. This was our largest round so far, […]

Guest post: Preservation of cultural materials

Today’s post comes from Richard Weinstein, a member of the ILN community and was triggered by images of the destruction of cultural artifacts including libraries in some of the war torn parts of the world – particularly Syria. Unfortunately, civil wars are a regular part of life in the world and innocent bystanders leaving their […]

Libraries Nova Scotia Research Support Group

Our country ambassador from Canada, Cate Carlyle shares the story of a new professional research group: The “Libraries Nova Scotia Research Support Group” is one of the first of its kind in Canada. The group formed in June of this year following a public talk on research and academic librarians at the stunning new Halifax […]

Reflection and review: Reflective learning

In our first post for this discussion topic, we said that “the importance of reflection on our professional practice cannot be overstated”. What do we mean when we talk about reflective learning, and why is it so important? Simply put, reflective learning is about reviewing the experience you had, and asking yourself “What did I get […]

Postcard: Librarian as teacher – information literacy in Bangladesh

Today’s postcard comes from our Bangladesh Country Ambassador, Shaharima Parvin and was inspired by the recent discussion topic on librarians as teachers. LIBRARIAN AS TEACHER: EAST WEST UNIVERSITY LIBRARY ARRANGES INFORMATION LITERACY PROGRAMS FOR ITS PATRONS ROUND THE YEAR Whenever, I am delivering lectures on information literacy program for patrons, I always try to start […]

New website for the ILN

We are excited to announce that we will be transitioning to our brand new website very soon. We ask for your patience as we transfer across and we hope the experience is seamless for all of you. If you have subscribed to our current WordPress blog, we encourage you to consider subscribing to our new […]