Reflection and review: The year in your library

calendar-478033_1280As we ask our participants to spend the last two weeks of the ILN program reflecting on their experience, we’d also like to ask our whole community to take a moment to reflect on the year in your library.

Did your library introduce any new services this year – or, just as importantly, discontinue any outdated services? Were there any big changes in your library over the last year? Did you manage to successfully deliver consistently good services and resources to your users over the last year?

What challenges did you or your library face in 2015 – and which ones were overcome? Were there opportunities that you were able to take advantage of – and some that you had to let pass by?

What did you learn in the last year? Was it something you expected to learn (you may have taken a course or attended a workshop on a particular topic)?

Who did you meet in 2015? Did you meet other librarians that shared your professional values and experience? Did you meet anyone that had a different opinion or experience to you? What did you learn from them?

Over the next few weeks we’ll be hosting guest posts from the ILN community about the year gone past – what they learned, what they achieved, what happened that they didn’t expect. We would love to publish submissions from our participants and wider community, so if you’re interested in telling us about one thing that happened in your professional world in 2015, please write to us at – you can see our submission guidelines here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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