#LibrarianCommute – Jenny Mustey shares her rural drive

Today’s #LibrarianCommute tale comes from our Australian Country Ambassador, Jenny Mustey:

I live in a small rural community about 25 minutes from my main place of work in Echuca.  It’s a great drive each day, very seldom see a car on the way in,  the odd school bus depending on the time I leave.  I like to time it so I don’t have to pass a bus as some of the roads are a little on the narrow side. I enjoy my trip into work listening to my music selection on the iPod and thinking about the day ahead.  The trip home is also good, reflecting on the day that is past and winding down. 
As you can see the area is very flat, a combination of sheep and dairy farming, as well as a winery.  My main challenge in the winter can be heavy fog, I really rely on those side markers and white lines in the middle of the road.  The sun going down in the west in the summer can also be a hazard driving home but the sunsets are pretty spectacular. 
Have been travelling this road for the last 28 years and don’t see the route changing anytime soon.  

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One comment

  1. This is spectacular view ! Thank you Jenny Mustey for sharing this.

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