Postcard from Echuca, Australia

Today’s postcard comes from the ILN’s Ambassador for Australia, Jenny Mustey:

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You know I can’t resist the opportunity of showcasing our beautiful library and views at Echuca.  I have taken a couple of shots from each end of the building that faces the Murray River, Aquatic Reserve and Port of Echuca.  They were taking early in the morning at about 8.30am so the sun was just coming up through the gum trees.   It is so peaceful and inviting to many tourists; pedestrians and cyclists enjoy the path behind the library that connects the Tourist Information Centre with the Port of Echuca precinct.  The photo with the arch is taken in the middle of the roundabout which highlights the fact that Echuca Victoria is a border town and that over the river is Moama in NSW.  The railway that runs over the bridge and the river were vital in the early days of wool transport with Echuca being the largest paddlesteamer Port in Australia. 


Thank you for sharing Jenny!
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  1. Great shots. Thanks for sharing. This inspires me to share my library, too.

    1. Please do. We love to recieve ‘postcards’ you can send them to

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