Postcard from Melbourne, Australia

Today’s postcard was sent to us by Jenny Brosnan from Yarra Libraries in Melbourne Australia:


This is the building I work in. It’s the old Fitzroy Town Hall, located in Napier Street Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. It is a blue stone building in the Classical style of Victorian architecture built between 1863 and 1890.

Originally the Library was spread over two floors of this building with the grand Reading Room upstairs housing the Non-Fiction collection. This room still has the beautifully polished original floor-to-ceiling bookcases, nine chandeliers, a decorative ceiling, polished floorboards and heritage paintwork.

The room is now used for Meetings and is hired out to the public for wedding receptions etc. The library is now solely located on the ground floor. I work in Technical Services on the left, while the library itself is located at the back on the right


Thank you for sharing Jenny!
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  1. So, Oldest and well located library,beautiful …….From INDIA,V,.Kameswararao Cheif Librarian

  2. What a beautiful Library!! Wish i could be there in person.. Jenny Brosnan.. you are very lucky to have such beautiful workplace

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