Postcard from Zeka Youth Center for Intellectual Development and Creativity Center, Azerbaijan

Today’s post comes to us from Hasan Hasanov from the Zeka Youth Center for intellectual Development and Creativity Center in Azerbaijan:

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Our Library is supplied with the latest technologies _ IPads and bookreaders,in addition to the publications covering a variety of areas at “Zeka” Youth Center for Intellectual Development and Creativity Center/Library is resources center consisting of 7000 books covering classical and modern literature, local and world literature, in addition to publications covering the topics of vocational training and intellectual development. Besides, English, German, Russian, Turkish and Spanish language books are also available in the library. Moreover, our library use Follet automated library information system.Thus, expanding its resources, and allowing its users to benefit the publications provided by the worlds leading libraries. Last but not least, “Literature “and “Meeting with writers” clubs are regularly held in the library

Thank you for sharing Hasan!
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  1. What a lovely facility, and interesting collections and programs; thanks for sharing!

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