Library Postcard: Muhammad Yousuf Ali From Karachi Pakistan

Today’s Library Postcard comes from Muhammad Yousuf Ali from Karachi Pakistan:


I am work as deputy librarian of SMIU. SMIU is Alma mater of Quaid-i-Azam who was founder of Pakistan. This great leader got school education from SMIU that time since 1887 to 1892.

My library has different section Undergraduate Research & Reference & Archive Section. Archive section has reach collection of 130 year old books. Being as a head I love to enjoy user query and resources and their daily issues about information seeking and need. Every day I received multiple query from my library users due to this I learn a lot when I find information for users. I feel happy to learn new resources of information which enhance my professional capabilities.

Thank you for sharing your library with us! If you would like to send us a postcard from library, email us a photo and a short paragraph about your library.


  1. Yousuf · · Reply

    This university also focal point due to Alam Mater of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah

  2. Parvin · · Reply

    Thanks Muhammad Yousuf Ali ! SMIU has invaluable collections of 130 year old books and its really helpful for researcher.

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