#FavouriteFeature: Juanma de la Camara from Valencia

Today’s post comes from our community member Juanma de la Camara of Valencia. Thanks for sharing Juanma!


I’m working in a hospital library. This hospital is 301 beds University and is in the countryside, in a small town Alzira [in] Valencia. In the area between orange. The library is not very big and we have almost everything online, [via the] Online Public Access Catalogue and blog library.
Now shortly, next week we have the great festivals of Valencia, Las fallas. [
Las Fallas is Valencia’s most international festival. In the week of 19 March, the city fills with gigantic cardboard monuments, called ninots, for a competition that is marked by art, ingenuity and good taste.]


  1. Although I am not a participant of the program (this time) I can confirm and assure that Las fallas is the greatest festival I have ever seen. Amazing and exceptinal! I saw it in 2009. Warm regards Juanma de la Camara, you live in a fantastic country!

    1. We welcome comments from all our community – even ones who are not (yet) participating!

  2. Very lovely and nice place

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