MapBox: What does 6 billion tweets look like?

Sample from Mapbox of Twitter Eric Fisher from Mapbox has been tracking geotagged tweets for 3 and a half years and has produced this incredible map of where in the world twitter activities are coming from:

There are about 10 million public geotagged tweets every day, which is about 120 per second, up from about 3 million a day when I first started watching. The accumulated history adds up to nearly three terabytes of compressed JSON and is growing by four gigabytes a day. And here is what those 6,341,973,478 tweets look like on a map, at any scale you want.

It’s an incredible project and a compelling data visualisation. Eric has written a long blog post about the process he followed to develop it. You can check it out over at the Mapbox blog.


  1. It’s great! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Irina for the feedback. It’s amazing the things we can find out from data now.

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