Discussion Topic: Stories from the Stacks

Photo: 'I met with the hole-of-unexpected-surprises' by Marie Chantale-Turgeon CC BY-NC-ND

Photo: ‘I met with the hole-of-unexpected-surprises’ by Marie Chantale-Turgeon CC BY-NC-ND


We have titled our next discussion topic ‘Stories from the stacks’.

Here at the ILN we know that libraries are places filled with unexpected surprises,. We also know that librarians are an adaptable bunch who can handle almost any situation that arises, that librarians see all  and that our community are the keepers of many stories.

For the next two weeks we will be celebrating and showcasing some  of those stories and we want you to share with your partner and the ILN community the stories of the most unexpected events to happen to you and your library.

It might be a funny story, it might be a strange story or it might even be a sad story. It might be that time the library flooded, or a funny client interaction. It might have been a special event your ran or a plan that went awry. We want to hear them all, but please keep it clean and ‘safe for work’.

We’d love to share your stories here and on our social media accounts, so if you are willing to share your story – email us, or share your story on our Facebook or Twitter accounts. If you’ve got them we encourage you to share pictures too – as we know a picture is worth a thousand words!


We will be having a twitter chat on this topic  on Tuesday 25 November 7:00-8:00 am AEST (GMC +10) so be sure to join us using #interlibnet.


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