Librarians as Creative Inspiration

Just for just a bit of fun, here is a trailer to The Librarians TV show coming in December (US). And this trailer makes shelving look almost fun.


  1. Librarians are misunderstood, and perceived as dull bookworms and eyeglass wearing nerds. Excuse me, Librarians hold the key to the mysteries of knowledge, past, present and future.

    I loved the Librarian movies, and I’m excited about the Librarian series. Noah Wyle is back. Yeah!

  2. The trailer look great!

    I loved the Librarian three movie series, and waiting for the premiere of the Librarians on Sunday night!

    I’m delighted that Noah Wyle is back!

  3. Reblogged this on Karen's 23 Mobile Things and commented:
    The Librarians trailer that starts in December 2014: “I love this job!”

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