Conferences and events: Knowledge Management and Technology, Cameroon

Today’s guest post on conferences and events comes from our Cameroon Coordinator Rosaline Bawack:

This is another event which I attended in my capacity as member of the Association of Librarians, Archivists and Documentalists in Cameroon (ABADCAM). It was jointly organized and sponsored by ABADCAM and the Goethe Institute on the 17th and 18 October 2014. It was hosted in the premises of the Goethe Institute.

This workshop was aimed at members of the association (librarians, documentalists and archivists).

It was very useful and knowledgeable. Not just that it brings professionals together but we received presentations from specialists in particular domains. We learnt about the relevance and use of social media, technological tools – free open source software tools. Other themes focused on poverty and libraries, legal deposit, identifiers, conservation and preservation of cultural heritage. Most enriching was the group work. We were not just assigned to specific groups but had to alternate and discussed on every group theme. Four working groups were formed on topics like professional training; libraries and society, preservation and conservation; university libraries; school libraries.


  1. kudakwashe mapfumo · · Reply

    So encouraging.

  2. Connie Monica Setshwane · · Reply

    Im currently attending 2nd Open Access National Conference organized by Botswana Libraries Consortium(BLC) .Theme”Open Access, Research and Scholarship,6th-7th November 2014,Venue-Ave Maria Pastoral Care,Gaborone.

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