The ILN around the world: we’ve been spruiked in Spanish!

One of our current round participants, Adriana Perara, recently wrote an article about her participation in the International Librarians Network. Adriana works at the National Medical Library in Cuba, and attended a conference where she spoke about the ILN, and then wrote a piece for the Quarterly Journal of the National Medical Library (have a look on page 9).

If your Spanish is better than ours, you may enjoy this article – we’re very grateful to Adriana for helping promote the ILN in Cuba and neighbouring countries, and for sharing this article with us!


  1. Hi Sonia and Elizabeth. Thank you so much for those lovely comments. This is exactly what the ILN is all about; crossing borders and coming together to share our experiences.

  2. Hello

    My name is Elizabeth Ramirez of the National Library of Medicine in Cuba, and I want to emphasize this work of excellent quality, and necessary for all our colleagues best regards from Havana!

  3. Sonia Santana · · Reply

    Hello, my name is Sonia Santana, from the National Medical Library in Cuba, Adriana and I work together. Thanks so much for linking our Newspaper in your blog! It was a pleasure for us to talk about ILN project and promote it to all of our colleagues. I also participate in ILN rounds, and it’s such a good experience.
    Thanks so much for everything
    Best regards
    from Havana!


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