Discussion topic: ILN: Getting to know you

'Hello, world' by Windell Oskay used under Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0

‘Hello, world’ by Windell Oskay used under Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0

Welcome to round 3 of the ILN peer mentoring program. We are so happy to begin this digital journey together. We are excited about the new round of the program kicking off and wish our participants all the best in their new partnerships. We hope that they learn new things, grow their professional expertise, and feel inspired.

If social media is anything to go by, you are all excited to begin your partnerships. The first discussion topic is all about getting to know one another. This fortnight we recommend you talk to your partner about:

What do you do?

Think about information like where you work, and what your role involves on a daily basis. What are the issues that face your library, and other libraries in your country? Remember that people in other countries might have a different understanding of job titles and jargon.

What does your workspace look like? 

We would like to encourage you to send your partner a photo of your workspace. This is a great way to break the ice and learn a little about each other. To help get this started, we will be sharing photos of our workspaces on the ILN blog over the next week or two. If you would like us to feature your workspace please email us or share your photo on social media and tag us.

What is your career path?

How did you get where you are today? Where are your hoping to go in your career?

What are your hopes and expectations for the new partnership?

How often would you like to be in contact, and what is the most convenient method for you? What inspired you to join the ILN program and what do you hope to get out of it? We recommend you are in contact a least once a week to give your partnership the best chance to flourish. We also encourage you to try multiple communication methods, consider going beyond email to include social media tools or even Skype/video chats.

Have you participated in the ILN before?

We do have a number of returning ILN partners this time. If you have gone through another round, what do you want to do differently this time?


Open discussion forums

We will also be posting each of our discussion topics here on the blog and we strongly encourage our participants and the wider international library community to participate in open discussions right here and on Facebook and Twitter. Comments are welcome from anyone – you don’t have to be in the program to join in the discussion.

As always, if you have any questions about the ILN or about your partnership please contact us.


  1. María José Villar · · Reply

    Very interesting to start. Here, from Redondela (Galicia – Spain) me, stuff of the public council library, I am taking part of this experience.
    Nice for the moment, and I hope it will be better and better 😉

    1. Hi Maria, thank you so much, we hope you have a great time with your partner and enjoy the blog as well

  2. I have eventually connected with my partner and its been interesting.

    1. great to hear! we hope you have a wonderful experience

  3. Noelia_Alvarez · · Reply

    Reblogged this on Diario de una documentalista and commented:
    Empezando una nueva ronda de la International Librarian Network con un nuevo compañero. Espero que sea igual de fructífera que la ronda anterior.

    1. María José Villar · · Reply

      I can see you post from Spain, as me :-). Nice to meet you, Noelia!

      1. Noelia_Alvarez · ·

        Hello, Mª José. Are you also participating in ILN? My first round was a very good experience

  4. Janet Odetsi Twum · · Reply

    Yes very exciting, just curious waiting to see what this matching brings to the bare with regards to the profession and others.

  5. Already in touch with my match Exciting!!!!

  6. Hi Janet, its a very exciting time isn’t it? Let us know if you have any trouble.

  7. Janet Odetsi Twum · · Reply

    I have connected to my match and waiting for response also

  8. […] third round of the International Librarians Network kicked off with an invitation to showcase our […]

  9. Ojeniyi Abimbola Oyedele · · Reply

    I currently work at The Library, National Orthopedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos (NOHIL), Nigeria. NOHIL is one of the 4 Orthopedic Hospitals in Nigeria. and NOHIL also housed Federal College of Orthopedic Technology (FECOT). So, our clientele involves, Medical Doctor (Consultants, Residents and Registrars), also other members of Medical staff, and Students of FECOT.
    I am in charge of management of periodicals and grey literature in my Library. My daily roles involves retrieving relevant articles from different journals for the use of the clienteles. Also I place subscriptions order for different journals titles. I also help our students during the project period to retrieve relevant information to facilitate their project writing.

    Major problem facing my library is like the same problem facing every other libraries in Nigeria, Bad disposition of the Authorities toward Library and Information services. And this affect their commitments to the profession at large, it affect the Funding of the Sector.

  10. Ojeniyi Abimbola Oyedele · · Reply

    Im still trying to connect with my match, I hope I will be able to get matched very soon.

    1. Hi Ojeniyi Abimbola Oyedele, yesterday we sent the details of your match to the Yahoo account you gave us in your application form. Please double check your email (including your junk filter) and if you still haven’t recieved it, can you please send us an email at contact@interlibnet.org so we can confirm we have the correct email address on file. Thanks Kate

      1. Ojeniyi Abimbola Oyedele · ·

        I have seeing the e-mail and have contacted with her but waiting for her reply ASAP. Thanks

  11. Hi Rebecca. I’m so sorry, that is definitely not meant to happen. Could you please email us right away to sort that out. contact@interlibnet.org
    Again, I’m terribly sorry about the problem.

  12. um…did anyone get matched…with themselves? I did! lol

  13. Waiting for your match? We’re sending out the first batch right now and the second batch will go out tomorrow. So stay tuned…

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