Books glorious books: Adrienne Hannan

its happening by Murtaza Imran Ali via flickr CCToday’s answer to the 3 questions posed in our discussion topic come from Adrienne Hannan, the ILN Country Coordinator for New Zealand:

1.I belong to GoodReads with a work profile, rather than a personal profile. I use it to connect with colleagues so we can share the books we have been reading. My library system has runs a public book club through GoodReads also, where monthly topics are discussed and books are shared.

2. I would take a survival manual, a book about boat building and ocean navigating, and something about growing and cooking your own food. Such practical choices! I figure the sooner I get off the island the sooner I can return to all those books on my list that I’ve been meaning to read.
3. For the deserted island it would definitely be print. If desperate I could use the pages as fire starters and toilet paper. For life in general I still love the printed book. It gives me a break from staring at a screen (which I spend most of my day doing), and my hands enjoy the touch and turning of the pages. I get easily distracted when reading a ebook, and find myself looking at news sites and social media instead. When I relax with a book, I look forward to that being the sole activity and a chance to take a break from the distractions – it’s hard to Google something with a book in your hand.


  1. julanne · · Reply

    I have to remember this response. I usually have the panic response (3??? Nooo!!!)

  2. Adrienne I pretty much had the same reaction lol. The first thing I said was I need more than three because I would have to have at least three survival books – food/water, natural remedies and shelter building 🙂 hopefully they would all be Dummy’s guides lol.

  3. I agree Adrienne, I love the tactile experience of a print book and do enjoy being “disconnected” from the net.

  4. Love your practical approach, Adrienne. I think that you’d probably survive far better than I would with my choices. Still, at least I’d fade away happily!

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