Library Spaces we love: Campaspe Regional Library

Today’s post comes from the ILN Country Coordinator for Australia, Jenny Mustey

I am a bit biased here with my answer but as this library was over twenty years in the making and since 2004 I have really been involved in its progress I would have to say that the Campaspe Regional Library, Echuca is my favourite library space.  Being heavily involved in this project I have had hands on experience in contributing to its design, functionality, look and feel.

The library opened in August 2012 and since that moment has seen a massive increase (tripled) in visits per month, loans, membership and program participation.  The library has a stunning view of the Murray River and the aquatic reserve.  It is spacious, flexible and accessible to all.  It takes in the natural environment, it is respectful of the War Memorial and it also works well with Echuca’s inland port history.  It actually has some original pieces from the decommissioned wharf on the outside of the building which provide a sense of history and warmth.  It also provides after hours access to two meeting rooms and amenities. We are thrilled to see so many people using the library, it has become a popular place for students, families and many organisations.  I have included  few photos but if people would like to see more I have added many more to the Victorian Libraries Flickr Stream

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