ILN Discussion: Getting to know you

Photo: 'Hello my name is' CC(NC) by lamalgama

Photo: ‘Hello my name is’ CC(NC) by lamalgama

Welcome to round 2 of the ILN peer mentoring program. We are so happy to begin this digital journey together. We are excited about the new round of the program kicking off and wish our participants all the best in their new partnerships. We hope that they learn new things, grow their professional expertise, and feel inspired.

This round we have over 700 participants from 78 countries. To help you build your partnerships, we will  be emailing you a new topic every fortnight – these are optional, but we hope they will inspire discussion.

If social media is anything to go by, you are all excited to begin your partnerships. The first discussion topic is all about getting to know one another. This fortnight we recommend you talk to your partner about:

What do you do?

Think about information like where you work, and what your role involves on a daily basis. Remember that people in other countries might have a different understanding of job titles and jargon.

What is your career path?

How did you get where you are today? Where are your hoping to go in your career?

What is your bit of the world like?

What are the issues that face your library, and other libraries in your country?

What are your hopes and expectations for the new partnership?

How often would you like to be in contact, and what is the most convenient method for you? What inspired you to join the ILN program and what do you hope to get out of it? We recommend you are in contact a least once a week to give your partnership the best chance to flourish. We also encourage you to try multiple communication methods, consider going beyond email to include social media tools or even Skype/video chats.

Open discussion forums

We will also be posting each of our discussion topics here on the blog and we strongly encourage our participants and the wider international library community to participate in open discussions right here and on Facebook and Twitter. Comments are welcome from anyone – you don’t have to be in the program to join in the discussion.

Twitter Chats

We’re introducing something new this year. To further our discussion topics and to create some opportunities for ‘real time’ interaction will will be hosting a series of Twitter Chats. Up first, is  ‘Getting to know you’,  on Wednesday 12 March at 8 am Sydney  AEDT  (here’s a link to convert this to your local time). Join us on Twitter to introduce yourself, talk about your library, your projects, and your work. Use the hashtag #interlibnet to join in or follow the discussion.

As always, if you have any questions about the ILN or about your partnership please contact us.


  1. Roseline Bawack · · Reply

    Hi CC, Thank you for the information. Waiting.


  2. Nancy Bolt · · Reply

    I think I signed up for the first round but never had a partner. I’m a library consultant would love to connect with a library consultant in another country. I specialize in public libraries, library cooperatives, and state and government libraries.

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