2014 Library Resolutions: Helen Murphy

Photo: "Hey! Nothing" CC by  Colbalt123

Photo: “Hey! Nothing” CC by Colbalt123

Helen Murphy, UK Country Coordinator for the ILN
1. What is one new thing you want to start doing in 2014?
Forgive me for being such a ginormous spoilsport but NOTHING. Not a single thing. Nada. I just want to keep on doing the stuff I’ve already started and take on no new projects. It’s not just laziness, honest. It’s not that now I’ve got my Very Exciting New Job I just can’t be bothered anymore. No, really.

Essentially I’m concerned that I’m a Twitter account and a blog post away from becoming the Ryan Gosling of the UK library world. Involved in almost everything, but not actually doing much of it well. So I’m saying NO to new things. I’m saying NO to Ryan Gosling.

2. What is one thing you want to try doing differently in 2014?
My blog. I’m going to transform it into something that’s terribly serious and sensible and professional. Nah, not really. It’s always been a vehicle for other external stuff–for 23 Things programmes, for CILIP chartership. Which is fine, but from now on I’m going to try to write about stuff that really interests me. I’m going to let it exist in its own right. Apologies, folks, there will be TV analogies. I mean, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to pass off watching all these Castle episodes as research.

3. What is one thing you want to stop doing in 2014?
Things at the last minute! (She says, typing this five and a half hours before the deadline. The deadline’s GMT, right?)

And worrying about screwing things up professionally. I’m doing just about OK, probably.

And ignoring rules about choosing only ‘one’ thing.


  1. Yes Helen, Congs for scooping a Very Exciting New Job. It is wonderful. Your resolutions for 2014 are quite spot on. Any new stuff in library development in UK? As a Coordinator for ILN in UK, what response from librarians in your region have you achieved ?

  2. I’m watching Castle, too. ^^
    Doing thing at the last minute exhilarate and motivate a lot. It’s like a competition with your self and proving that you can do it at the last minute. 🙂

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