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In our first post for this discussion topic, we said that “the importance of reflection on our professional practice cannot be overstated”. What do we mean when we talk about reflective learning, and why is it so important? Simply put, reflective learning is about reviewing the experience you had, and asking yourself “What did I get […]


Today’s postcard comes from our Bangladesh Country Ambassador, Shaharima Parvin and was inspired by the recent discussion topic on librarians as teachers. LIBRARIAN AS TEACHER: EAST WEST UNIVERSITY LIBRARY ARRANGES INFORMATION LITERACY PROGRAMS FOR ITS PATRONS ROUND THE YEAR Whenever, I am delivering lectures on information literacy program for patrons, I always try to start […]

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We are excited to announce that we will be transitioning to our brand new website very soon. We ask for your patience as we transfer across and we hope the experience is seamless for all of you. If you have subscribed to our current WordPress blog, we encourage you to consider subscribing to our new […]


As we ask our participants to spend the last two weeks of the ILN program reflecting on their experience, we’d also like to ask our whole community to take a moment to reflect on the year in your library. Did your library introduce any new services this year – or, just as importantly, discontinue any […]

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Congratulations to all of our current program participants! You have reached the final stage of  the program. We hope that over the last four months you’ve learned something new about another part of the world, and about libraries. We hope that  you were able to share experiences and ideas with your ILN partner. Most of […]

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To prepare this discussion topic I have been doing a lot of reading about personal branding. There are some good articles out there and also some awful ones and a whole bunch in between. Many offer useful tips but others take a very shallow approach focussed on self-promotion at almost any cost. These kinds of […]


Today’s guest post is by the Mighty Unicorn Power Ranger aka Kim Tairi, University Librarian at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. Kim tweets as @kimtairi You are in control of the most important brand of all – yourself. Many people don’t like to think of themselves as a brand. They are also reluctant to self-promote, network and […]


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