This post is from Manuel Huygen, the ILN France Coordinator. This submission is about an event that is occurring in my library and other libraries round the city: Biblio Remix. The title is explicit : it’s about “remixing” libraries. Inviting geeks, designers, fablabs, patrons, to “rethink” the library, to let ideas emerge for the future. […]

Today’s guest blog post about conferences and events comes from our Cameroon Coordinator Roseline Bawack: This event was a training workshop under the theme “Access to electronic resources in libraries and information services”.  The two day workshop took place on the 7 – 8 May 2014. It was organized by ABADCAM – Association of Librarians, […]

The International Librarians Network participated again this year at the Library 2.014 Worldwide Virtual Conference. This is the fourth year for the conference. The online conference held in multiple time zones over the course of two days is completely free for anyone with an internet connection. We were so pleased to be a part of […]

Today’s guest post on conferences and events comes from our Ireland Coordinator, Dr Eva Hornung: I’m on the committee of the Academic & Special Libraries Section of the Library Association of Ireland (LAI), which is the professional body for library and information professionals here. We are a pretty busy group and are running, beside informal networking evenings, training […]

Confession time: here at the International Librarians Network we sometimes reuse our discussion topics. A discussion topic used in one round of the program may appear in a later round. Our next topic is one of our recycled discussion topics, but that’s because it’s a big topic, and it’s one that constantly changes. So we […]

The final post on our libraries in disasters discussion topic comes from one of our current ILN participants, Sara Westhead. Sara wrote to us just days after Hurricane Gonzalo had hit Bermuda, where she works and studies. She offered to write the submission for us below – but was somewhat delayed by the lack of […]

Washington, IL Tornado Damage by State Farm used under Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0

I am an academic librarian who is lucky enough to be living in Sydney, Australia but originally I’m from the United States, specifically central Illinois. Anyone who grew up the US Midwest can recount many tales about living in a part of the country known as ‘tornado alley’. The first Tuesday of every month would bring […]


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