There’s been a number of items in the news recently that directly relate to our current discussion topic of books. Here’s just a few, there will be many others, please feel free to post links to stories from your country in the comments below, to our Facebook page, or on twitter using #interlibnet: It’s World Book […]

Photo taken by Alyson Dalby

Dear books, Oh how I adore you. I really do. I adore you inside and out, but like all good, long term relationships, it’s mostly what’s inside that counts. Yes, I love a good hardcover, and was entranced by the books at my first library job that were bound in vellum. The weight of a […]


How many times have you had friends or family say that it must be lovely to be a librarian and be able to read or work with books all day? (How many of you are nodding your heads right now….?) How many times have you wondered if anyone who is not a librarian will ever […]


This post comes from our Egypt Country Coordinator, Dr. Amany z. El Ramady, and is a thought piece from her about the challenges she sees for librarians in her country. Of course, we hope that participating in a program such as ours is one of the solutions to professional development issues! Please add your comments […]

For our next discussion topic we are going to look at personal negotiation skills. From time to time we all need to compromise and negotiate to be productive and successful. When we asked ILN participants in January what their new years library resolutions were, many commented that they wanted to learn how to more productively […]

Italy 4

And as the final post from our Library Spaces topic, we bring you this post from Anna Maria Tammaro, the ILN Country Coordinator for Italy  For more than 300 years Italian libraries were famous in the world, for their collections and their monumental buildings. In the Renaissance period, the libraries were built to emphasize the […]

School Pic 1

As a special feature as a part of our library spaces discussion topic we are showcasing a 2 part piece about School Library Design from  one of our participants, Alan Jacques. School Library Design - A two part article that is, in truth, more philosophy than design  Part Two (If you missed it, check out Part […]


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