The final post on our libraries in disasters discussion topic comes from one of our current ILN participants, Sara Westhead. Sara wrote to us just days after Hurricane Gonzalo had hit Bermuda, where she works and studies. She offered to write the submission for us below – but was somewhat delayed by the lack of […]

Washington, IL Tornado Damage by State Farm used under Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0

I am an academic librarian who is lucky enough to be living in Sydney, Australia but originally I’m from the United States, specifically central Illinois. Anyone who grew up the US Midwest can recount many tales about living in a part of the country known as ‘tornado alley’. The first Tuesday of every month would bring […]

For this topic we’re hosting a guest post from long time ILN supporter Loida Garcia-Febo. Loida has an impressive resume: she is a Member of the IFLA Governing Board, Chair of the ALA International Relations Committee, and Member of the ALA Council. She truly is an international librarian, and is the President of Information New […]

One of our current round participants, Adriana Perara, recently wrote an article about her participation in the International Librarians Network. Adriana works at the National Medical Library in Cuba, and attended a conference where she spoke about the ILN, and then wrote a piece for the Quarterly Journal of the National Medical Library (have a […]

open access

Celebrate Open Access Week 20-26 October 2014 What is open access? Here are some idea for librarians

In January 2011 anti-government protests erupted across Egypt, some of which turned violent. While the focal point was Tahrir Square in Cairo, protests and civil unrest was seen in all major cities. Some libraries fell prey to looting and destruction, while others were fiercely protected by their communities. In Alexandria the Bibliotheca Alexandrina holds the […]

Libraries exist all over the world. This means that they are subject to the types of events that happen all over the world. We promote the idea of the library as a safe place of learning and discovery, but sometimes that safety is hard to provide. In this discussion topic we’re going to look at […]


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